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Applying for a business loan from a bank takes 26 hours on average, and it can be days or weeks until you receive the funding. You’ve got better things to do. You can apply with DTF Advance in as little as 10 minutes, and receive a decision as soon as a couple hours

Business loans for today’s
business realities

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners today is not that they want too much, it’s that they ask the bank for too little. DTF Advance offers a variety of working capital solutions appropriate for your business need that can help you take advantage of opportunities to grow your business.

Simple Process

Apply in as little as 10 minutes, with a decision as soon as the same day—all to save you time.

Tailored Options

Multiple loan types, amounts, and repayment terms, so you can get exactly what you need.

Real People

A large team of U.S.-based loan advisors to help you find the right solution.

NY Business Loans

Small Business Loans with DTF Advance

We have a long history of helping small business owners grow their business. We do the heavy lifting, so that you don’t have to.

Merchant Cash Advance built on Flexibility

Our merchant cash advance amount starts at $5,000 and ranges up to $500,000. This business advance is ideal for businesses who need fast access to capital funds with a simple and easier application process. If your business has high credit card sales, or has lots of receivables, or is seasonal, then a merchant cash advance might be ideal for the business.

Quick Approvals
Get up to $2M
Apply Online

You can apply from anywhere and on your device.

Automatic daily or Weekly Payments

Business Loans on your Terms

Every business is different. You can customize a DTF Advance Short Term Loan to meet your needs. You’ll have your funds in your bank account as early as the day your loan is approved, and you can pay it back on your schedule to match your specific project timeline.

Loan Amounts of $5K-$250K
Payment Terms up to 24 Mo

Business Line of Credit

DTF Advance’s line of credit solution is extremely flexible and gives your business access to the working capital it needs whenever it needs it most. The full approved amount does not need to be drawn at one time, but rather you can choose to draw only the funds your business needs when needed up to the approved amount.

Loan Amounts of $5K-$250K
Flexible Terms
DTF Advance Line of Credit
Apply Online

You can apply from anywhere and on your device.